The wedding of your dreams is around the corner.
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Planning a wedding is a lot of work. From the guest list to the venue to the decorations to the meals and a million other things to do, it can be as exhausting as it is beautiful. Your wedding day will turn your life around. Getting married can be the doorstep to a happy life full of love an possibilities, and you don't want to spend it worrying about whether or not the ice cream from dessert is already cold. This is a party, a real celebration for you and your spouse and all your family and friends who have come here to witness this beautiful happening. You should live it and remember as that, a celebration, and not a lot of work and worries.

You can leave that to us! At Rookery, we are professional, passionate, highly qualified organizers of weddings and other events. We offer a wide range of locations and venues for events and weddings in Portsmouth and Brighton. Be it indoor or outdoor, classical or modern or even themed wedding, we have the right place and the right decorations to make it look exactly like what you dreamed of. Forget about the words impossible or too much, if you can imagine it we can make it happen.

We will mind all wedding arrangements

We have contacts with the best providers of wedding and party services in north UK. We can connect with top class, high quality crafters and entertainers which will also have very accessible fees. After years in the market, we know exactly who to trust. We choose only the best, most cost-effective providers to offer our complete wedding and party organization services. Bring your concept or we will develop some for you to choose. 

You can delegate on us as much or as little as you want. Do you want to be in charge of some details but you don't want to bear the responsibility of handling others? We can adapt to your personal preferences. Also, if you have a draft or wedding idea, we will work along your lines. You will be in control of the whole process, so when the day comes, you will see exactly what you wanted to see. 


Stag & Hen and other events

We also offer our venues and party organizers for other sorts of events. If you are planning your wedding with us, you will get a very special discount for your stag or hen do. You can have a fun night of crazy and party with us, just give us a call and we will get started with the arrangements. 

Also, check for other private events. Religious parties, birthday anniversaries, corporate events and more. Our venues are fully equiped for all sorts of parties and our professionals can handle any style of celebration. You will receive the same quality service and the same attention. 


Call us now on  01632 960514  or use our contact form to get in touch. The party of your dreams is around the corner!

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Happily married.

Melinda Houston

"Our wedding was perfect. What can I say? It was magical and well planned and it had everything we had dreamt of. Rookery is a great wedding planning service, and if I get married again, I will choose them once more."

Jonathan Queens

"It is amazing how flexible Rookery is. They organized my sister's white wedding, and I was a little suspicious about them handling our geeky-themed party. And they did it. Perfectly. I guess that there is nothing that this people can not do."

Giovanna Laurence

"I will always remember the professionalism and commitment of the staff of Rookery. I was shocked to see how fast they think and how quickly they arrange one thing after another. We were kind of in a hurry and they handled everything perfecly. Nothing fell off schedule."
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The wedding of your dreams is around the corner.
The wedding of your dreams is around the corner.
The wedding of your dreams is around the corner.